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Design Hotel Levi

Where Nature and Design Intertwine

The landscape of Lapland has been sculpted by the forces of nature. These forces have refined the land into a work of art which bathes in raw arctic light, and is clothed in natural extremes. The northern nature speaks to creative minds, inspires unique art, design and architecture, and raises individuals who know their own natures.

From this landscape rises Design Hotel Levi, with its greying pinewood exterior, carefully designed to fuse with the surrounding highlands. A truly magical and luxurious hotel with rooms as beautiful as the arctic nature.

Design Hotel Levi invites you to another reality where design and nature intertwine. A contemporary and stunningly beautiful second home amidst the Lappish wilderness.

Beautiful and Luxurious Rooms

Our 77 elegantly designed rooms and suites, each as beautiful as the surrounding highlands, feature 56 Deluxe Doubles, 14 Deluxe Lofts and 7 Deluxe Suites.

The hotel’s large windows add finishing touches by blending the interior with the landscape outside. This effect is further facilitated by the nature photographer Kaisa Sirén’s masterful photographic prints decorating the room interiors.

The rooms are stylishly designed, spacious and luxurious. The 24-square-meter Deluxe Double sports a king-size bed. The 24-square-meter Deluxe Loft includes an exciting mezzanine with an extra bed for two children or one adult. The ample 50-square-meter Deluxe Suite offers a lounge, bedroom and a design sauna.

Deluxe Suite Premium

3 dual aspect corner suites 50 sq. metres Separate bedroom and living room King size bed Private sauna Separate bath and shower Balcony or French balcony Possible to add one extra bed

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Deluxe Suite

4 suites 50 sq. metres Separate bedroom and living room King Size bed Private sauna Balcony Possible to add one extra bed

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Deluxe Loft

14 rooms 24 sq. metres Twin beds in the room One adult or two children can be accommodated on mezzanine level Shower

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Deluxe Double

56 rooms 24 sq. metres King Size bed Shower Rooms with connecting door available

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Contemporary Art and Design

The sheer expanse of the Lapland landscape, the natural extremes and the raw arctic light inspire creative minds. Design Hotel Levi springs from this creativity. In the hotel, the contemporary Nordic interior design, architecture, sculpture, light installations and spatial art fuse with the views to the surrounding highlands.

The result is unique, magical and contemporary. Lapland like you have never seen before.

Our Restaurants

Design Hotel Levi is part of the Levi Hotel Spa Resort which offers a variety of restaurants from modern Nordic fine dining to Burger King. Located right in the heart of the Levi village, directly below the slopes of the Levi Ski Resort, our restaurants offer excellent dining options for everyone, from pizzas and burgers to local cuisine and to fine dining menus that cater to the most discerning tastes.

At BURGER KING® restaurants, every sandwich is prepared to order, and you are free to customize your burger the way you prefer! 

Our 60-year tradition of flame-grilling and using fresh ingredients is seen in every product we make. All our classic burgers are made using 100% beef and grilled using a real flame. Our flame grill has been patented and developed only for Burger King® restaurants. The grilling process takes about 2–3 minutes, depending on the size and thickness of the burger patty.

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High-quality pizzas are something you would not expect to find in the middle of the Lappish wilderness. Classic Pizza Restaurant was founded as a family business in Finland’s southernmost town Hanko in 1996 – and now, 20 years later, it pampers pizza lovers all the way in Levi, in the northernmost reaches of the Finnish Lapland!

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Northern light and a cozy Lappish atmosphere. The Restaurant Ahku serves our guests from breakfast until supper. Light-coloured curtains emphasise the airy and light quality of the restaurant space. The dreamlike work of spatial art The Source of Dreams, by the acclaimed contemporary sculptor Essi Korva, acts as the centerpiece of the restaurant and predicts the visual theme of the upcoming Design Hotel Levi.

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The stylish Restaurant Kekäle welcomes you to enjoy casual fine dining with fresh flavours from Lapland, seasonal delicacies and organic local produce. The restaurant’s large open-plan charcoal grill is part of the dining space interior, providing your fine dining experience with a background of blazing fire, crackling embers and sweet aromas as the cooks work their magic. The restaurant’s name reflects this – Kekäle is Finnish for a glowing red charcoal ember.

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Magical and Luxurious

Design Hotel Levi is a work of art. The hotel’s 77 atmospheric rooms and suites invite you to experience the glow of the northern lights in the comfort of your own room. Each room is an elegantly designed whole, combining Finnish contemporary design, art and the surrounding highland landscape.

All of the rooms are spacious and luxurious. The stylish 24 sq. metre Deluxe Double sports a king-size bed. The modern and airy 24 sq. metre Deluxe Loft includes a mezzanine with an extra bed for two children or one adult. The ample and sophisticated 50 sq. metre Suite offers a lounge, bedroom and a design sauna. The exclusive 50 sq. metre Deluxe Suite Premium dual-aspect corner suite extends through the entire west-facing end of the building.

Located in the heart of Levi Hotel Spa Resort right next to the Levi village, directly below the slopes of one of the Nordics’ most popular ski resorts, the hotel is close to everything. It is close to the Resort’s Spa and to a wide selection of restaurants and comprehensive services. And yet the nature of Lapland is always just around the corner.

Location 67°48'13.4"N 24°47'57.9"E

Levi Hotel Spa Resort is located 170 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Originally a small village in Lapland, Levi is today one of the leading skiing destinations in all of the Nordics, and the number one year-round activity destination in Finland.

Known for its legendary nightlife, the Levi village is a small urban center in the middle of the Lappish wilderness, providing comprehensive, high-quality services, activities and entertainment for hundreds of thousands of international and domestic visitors annually!

Events and Excursions

The Levi village is a hub for events, excursions and activities. There are multiple museums, galleries and other art destinations within driving distance from the Levi village. Design Hotel Levi offers the perfect base for your excursions in the region. You can find below a shortlist of recommended current events and activities in and around Levi. Be also sure to view the complete Levi Today programme.

The Levi village is a hub for events and activities. We have selected a recommended few for our shortlist below.



World Cup Levi is a alpine season start together with the world’s best slalom skiers. 22-24.11.2019 slope Levi Black turns into the heart of the racing. At the same time Levi fills up with Lappish exotic side events and you can merely touch the buzz of the racing world.

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