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The best way to survive the darkest and coldest period of the year is to find the vibe of the magical atmosphere of winter: starry night skies, sunny ski days and the sound of the snow crunching under boots. At the big cities of South, this is completely impossible or possible just in a short period of time, depending on the location. That’s why town dwellers need to go and feel the true winter somewhere else – like in Levi! 

1. Easily to the destination

Finnair flies daily from Helsinki to Kittilä all year around. By plane, this almost 1000 km journey along the road takes only 1,5 hours. During the winter season, Finnair flies also directly from Europe to Kittilä.

Let the admiration of the gorgeous fells and the landscape painted by the Arctic nature be part of the experience. Kittilä airport is just 15 kilometres away from Levi centre, so travel from airport to your hotel won’t take long by airport bus, private minibus, taxi or limousine, if you are feeling fancy.

You may also travel to Levi by train, bus or car. Public transport goes usually through Rovaniemi, which is located 170 km south from Levi. You can also take a train to Kolari, which is only 90 km from the destination. By choosing this way of transportation, you should reserve a little more time for the getaway than just 3–4 days.

The mystique of Lapland from above.

2. Snow and northern lights

Despite what tourists might think, the whole Finland won’t be covered in a thick snow blanket right after the winter time begins. But in Lapland, there will be plenty of snow straight from November! Even on a short getaway, you have time to enjoy the benefits of white ground for example by skiing and snowboarding.

The norther you go and the clearer the sky gets, your chances of catching a glimpse of the famous northern lights get higher. With a good timing and a little bit of luck you may be able to admire the norther lights from your hotels balcony or outside in the wilderness. There are also guided tours to see the northern lights.

3. Both sport and cultural activities

In Levi you may decide, what kind of getaway you want to have. Several outdoor experiences and inside activities make sure, that there will be always something interesting to do and see.

At Design Hotel Levi, we recommend exploring the local cultural offer, especially in the form of museums and art galleries, and at the end of the day relaxing in Finland’s Best Hotel Spa 2021 or in the warmth of your room’s own design sauna.

Artist Hanna Kanto and her painting Spillings (2017), which is displayed in Design Hotel Levi

4. Extensive restaurant selection

Design Hotel Levi’s special and delicious breakfast at Kekäle isn’t the only culinary experience that Levi has to offer.

At Design Hotel Levi, we recommend exploring Ahku’s tasty Dinner Buffet, which is served every evening between 6 pm and 9 pm. On top of that, Kekäle and its open-plan charcoal grill kitchen invite you to enjoy blazing fire and sweet aromas also during dinner time. Kekäle’s own sommelier is always ready to help on deciding the best wine options to your meal.

Levi has also several national and international food chains, like Classic Pizza, which can be found from Design Hotel Levi’s own premises.

Have a dinner that matches your style.

5. Urban-like environment

Despite the northern location, Levi is just like any other city in Finland with gyms, shops and museums. Levi also has its own spa and movie theater and events from World Cup to Christmas market. All in all, Levi has everything that town dweller needs – and much more.

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