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Kaisa Sirén is a renowned photojournalist and a nature photographer known for her mastery of colour in her photographs capturing the wilderness of Lapland. Beautiful large-scale prints of her artwork add decorative detail to the interiors of all of the Design Hotel’s rooms and suites.

– I think Design Hotel Levi serves as a great venue for art because it brings the works to the public space, out of the confines of art galleries. I believe the hotel may also introduce my work to new audiences. This, I think, is a great opportunity, says photographer Kaisa Sirén.

How do Sirén’s painting-like photos find their form? 

– I walk in the wilderness and, in a sense, paint using my camera as the brush, using long exposure, bringing out painting-like colourscapes and contrasts, Sirén continues.

– I get into a flow where my entire body follows the movements of the camera. I try to distinguish geometric lines and shapes from the environment, and then follow those lines and shapes with the movement of my camera, as if painting.

Kaisa Siren: Winter is arriving (2019)

People sometimes ask Sirén whether it is possible that her artwork have been created using a camera.

– That is a moment when I feel I have succeeded. I aim to create painting-like photographs, so this question is a signal that my work may have achieved that elusive quality.