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PRESS RELEASE 24 Oct 2019 – Opening its doors on November 30th, 2019, Lapland’s new luxury hotel concept Design Hotel Levi is in itself a work of art. Each of the hotel’s 77 rooms and suites offer elegantly built atmospheres, combining Nordic contemporary design, art and the surrounding highland landscape through the large windows.

The CEO of Levi Hotel Spa Resort, Sanna Leinonen, is delighted with the resort’s brand-new hotel. 

– With Design Hotel Levi, we now provide our guests with a combination that is truly one of a kind: a magical and luxurious, genuinely art-focused premium hotel, which is not only surrounded by the highlands of Lapland, but is also located right below the slopes of one of the most popular skiing destinations in all of the Nordics, says Leinonen

– At the same time, the hotel is part of a full-scale spa resort and within close walking distance from the miniature urban centre of the Levi village, which offers the most legendary nightlife in all of Finnish Lapland. With the new Design Hotel, Lapland in high heels is a concrete possibility, laughs Leinonen.

The Design Hotel was designed by PAVE Architects, an acclaimed Finnish architectural firm. The Project Architect Paulus Sipilä from PAVE Architects says that the nature of Lapland and the surrounding village landscape were major inspirations for the building’s architectural choices.

– The greying pinewood exterior connects the architecture of the new hotel with its surroundings, the older log buildings of the Levi Hotel Spa Resort, as well as with the colours of highland nature. Early on, the exterior will be light brown, but over time, it will receive a more greyish hue. In time, the sunlight will provide the southern and northern façades with slightly different colours. The hotel exterior with its shapes and natural materials continues consistently into the hotel interior, to the lobby and to the corridors which meander through the building like fellside streams, all the way to the individual hotel rooms, Sipilä says.

– To me, as the project architect, the hotel resides somewhere in the borderland between the nature of Lapland and the fell village of Levi, bearing a resemblance to both. There is built environment there, but at the same time, the roof of the building is shaped like the peak of a fell. There is almost boulder-like ruggedness in the exterior. Something rough that really touches on the essence of Lapland, on what the nature of Lapland is all about, continues Sipilä.

PAVE Architects’ CEO and Creative Director, Architect Pave Mikkonen says that the hotel, designed to blend in with the surrounding highland landscape, receives its finishing touches through the use of light.

– The eloquent balconies, protruding from the exterior, will be illuminated using a subtle, constantly changing, coloured light which lives and pulsates like a jellyfish. This really adds the finishing touches to the whole, evoking a WOW from the guest arriving in the night or in the evening twilight, in the blue hour, under the midnight sun. We can ourselves barely wait for the hotel to open, says Mikkonen.

– We wanted the hotel building to convey to the guest an experience of Finnish nature. Instead of four seasons, Lapland really has eight, and the hotel will live in tune with each of them. We want the hotel to give to the guest a piece of Lapland, a genuine experience. Every decision in the hotel’s architecture supports this, says Mikkonen.